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Daily Special Campaigns

Camp Courage encourages our members to pay tribute each day to honor and support all of our men and women serving in the military. Below are the special campaigns we hold every day throughout the week:

Sunday - Prayer Devotion Day/Sibling Sunday

Monday - Meet My Military Member/Crucible Prayers

Tuesday - Meet My Fur Babies/Crucible Prayers 

Wednesday - Meet My Poolee/Crucible Prayers

Thursday - Meet My Family

Friday - Meet My Recruit/USMC Trivia (winner receives a prize)

Saturday - Meet My Devil Pup (pics. w/Service members who have children)

Project 65 - JULY

MOS series: 

 Music (55xx)
Aircraft Maintenance (60xx, 62xx)

If you have a service member in either of the above MOS, this is your project to submit their name for a Camp Courage care package! 

To request a care package for a Marine/service member, please PM Mai Christy with rank, name and address. ALL NAMES NEED TO BE SUBMITTED BY FRIDAY, 6/17/17 midnight (pacific time zone). Donations / Cards postmark deadline 6/24/17
Ship date will be 7/8/17.

Please click the button below for more details on how you can contribute to the success of Project 65.

current project

About Camp Courage 

Camp Courage was born in March of 2012, with one project to touch a few Marines at Camp Pendleton, CA in the SAC rehab unit. That initial project consisted of 8 care packages. We were so thrilled when that project was shipped and we started getting responses from our recipients. We collectively decided to continue doing care packages. Camp Courage has a wonderful network of members who continue to support our efforts. These projects have become something very near and dear to our hearts and the hearts of so many families and Marines. We are currently shipping to all branches of our military as the needs are presented to us. As of recent we have shipped over 3,000 care packages worldwide!

We are honored for the opportunity to reach out to Marines and other service members through care packages in an effort to express our sincerest appreciation for their selfless choice to serve our great nation!

We have shipped to Japan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Spain, Hawaii, California, 29 Palms, North Carolina, South Carolina in addition to several other stateside locations. Today, we continue our mission to send care packages through new projects every month directed to specific MOSs. As we proceeded to carry on our mission Camp Courage thought it best to become a 501C3 public charity, making all donations tax deductible. And we were proud to announce that we became a 501c3 public charity on August 6, 2012!

We are proud to be a charity that is completely operated by volunteers, there are no paid staff. There are 10 volunteers that share the same passion for those who serve our country. It is an honor to have the privilege we do, to support those who give so much for us. Our facebook page is a valuable source of information for our members. We encourage you to join so you can see the daily updates and read the responses as they are received from our recipients. Our facebook page is a great way to participate in the special projects. Each project explains the thorough details of that project. Visit us at: Camp Courage - USMC Moms