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Camp Courage

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Camp Courage is EXCITED to join efforts with The Rustic Shed located in Molalla, Oregon for a one day fundraising event.  The Rustic Shed offers Gifts, Vintage, Antiques, Home Décor, Hand Made crafts, classes and more!  Darcy – the owner of TRS when hearing about Camp Courage, wanted to participate in supporting our efforts. So we have partnered with her to offer these classes to our supporters and anyone who may be interested in learning more about us or The Rustic Shed.

FLAG 3 - Made In The USA 11" x 28"

Choose the name and year to be on the flag and type it in the box below under Name.

Choose Class Time
Name and Year

Craft For A Cause - Flags And Freedom

FLAG 1 - American Flag 14" x 22"

Choose the name to be on the flag and type it in the box below under Name.

Here are some samples of what you can create...

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WHEN: 8/26/2017
WHERE: The Rustic Shed - 806 E. Main St. - Molalla, OR 97038

10:00 am – 12:00 pm
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Proceed to the right and choose your flag design:
1. FLAG 1 - American Flag (14”x22”) (need personalization - NAME)
2.FLAG 2 - America The Beautiful (11”x28”)
3. FLAG 3 - Made in The USA (11”x28”) (need personalization - NAME and YEAR)
Use the text fields provided for your personalization (designs 1 & 3 only)
Make sure you choose your class preference (see Class Times above). We will do our best to get you in the class you prefer. (If you choose to do more than one sign at a time, payment will need to be received for all signs at the same time to insure that space is provided for your extra signs at the craft table.) Click the 'Add to Cart' button to complete your order and class request.

STEP #2  
Watch for your email confirmation of class times.  Once an entire class is booked (12 students) we will send out the classing info to all students via email (to the address you provided when paying for your class). Classes will be structured using payments received.  Early birds will have a better chance at picking their class time.  So pre-register asap.

Darcy (The Rustic Shed) will walk you through every step to create your masterpiece that you will proudly share in your home, office or anywhere you choose to hang it.

NOT LOCAL?  We invite you to sponsor someone attending the event to do a sign for you!  We will try to have volunteers available that can do an extra sign if needed.  I will be there for the entire event and can also do yours. You will absorb the expense to ship it.

FLAG 2 - America The Beautiful 11" x 28"

Choose Class Time

Choose Your Class Time and Flag Design