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Welcome to the Memorial Donations page dedicated to the memory of our fallen Marines. This special ‘Memorial Contributions’ page was built based upon the request of the Szymaski family who has seen the profound impact Camp Courage has on our service members  and therefore, have chosen Camp Courage to be a recipient of memorial conributions in memory of their fallen Marine. These special contributions will be used towards our continuous care package campaign. All memorial contributions are tax deductible. Semper-fi! Click on the images below to view each memorial.

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Tributes to Our Fallen Heroes

The Man Who Didn’t KnowThe man who fought hard didn’t know it would end like this.
With no goodbye,
And no time to even shed a tear; but the man didn’t know.

He was told a day would come,
A day like no other, a day he could be proud of;
But why did today have to end like this, the man questioned?

The man’s body had been walked on and was bound to be forgotten.
For he had been places even hell could not compare; but there was one Man who was always on his side.

The man soon reached large, white, majestic gates and a glorious, kind, clean Man said,
"You, there."
The man, with dirt all over his face and blood on his hands answered
"Yes Sir."
And the kind Man replied, "Sit and tell me, where have these feet been? Why are you here, I don’t
believe it was your day to come?"
And so the man answered, "I have been many places, none like this. I have met many good men, but none
as great and brave as you."
The man started to cry, and the kind Man pleaded, “Why?”
And so the man said, "They told me a day would come, a day I could be proud of. I can now see this is
my day, the day I report and guard heavens gates. I will not fail you Sir, I promise."

Lauren Beebe
February 4th, 2014