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Hi, my name is Deanna Chavez. I am 52 years old and the mother of 2 children, A 28 year old daughter who has just recently married and a 25 year old Marine son. I have been married for 32 years to an awesome guy. We have been retired for 8 years now (Lumber Industry). I like to spend my free time Knitting, Crocheting, learning to quilt and yard work. I am so blessed to have found this Camp Courage group. What a wonderful gathering of kindred souls. I enjoy working on Click N Ship, building the boxes and making up medi/packs for our troops. I especially enjoy surrounding myself with such great energy in our Camp Courage team.

Hello there!! My name is Mai Christy. I am the mother of 3. My Marine has recently completed the first 4 years of his active duty contract and is now in the active reserve portion of his contract. I am 43 years young and a proud team member in this crusade of love, hope and compassion for all who serve in uniform! I do accounting for a living and enjoy my off time with my family and dogs. I am an avid Rhodesian Ridgeback fancier and am currently owned by 4 of them! I love long peaceful drives, scary movies, a juicy romance novel, shopping, hanging with my gal pals, and LOVE being a first time grandma.

Teri Polzin

Monthly Card Campaigns

Hello! I am a Kindergarten teacher. I've been married to my husband Tom since 1989. I'm the mother of three childred; 2 daughters and a son. I have hobbies such as burrying my nose in a good book. My family comes before anything. My son is one of two of our Marines, our son-in-law is our second Marine. All of my children are grown and married. Tom and I have four grand babies. I loves to garden and hangout with my two fur babies Jasper, a mini lab mix and Pepper, a toy poodle. I am also very creative and spend my free time creating beautiful wooden signs for my friends and family. I have been volunteering with Camp Courage since 2014. My husband and I pack the puzzle bags prior to packing and I help run the raffles with my daughter Katie who is also happy to be a volunteer for Camp Courage.

Hi y’all! I am Jocelyn Castañeda and I love Mai and being part of Camp Courage! I’m the one you mail your thoughtful campaign cards to and I help by getting them all ready for the wonderful care packages you’re each a part of. I’ve been married to Phillip, my college sweetheart, for almost 25 years and have two amazing kids: our Marine son (Micah), who is stationed at Camp Pendleton and our daughter (Mariah) in college. I love kids! I’ve spent my life working with children and have been a private and public school teacher for many years in both Oregon and Texas. I was born and raised in the SFO Bay Area, lived in Salem, Oregon for 12 years, and then in Houston, Texas for the past 15 years (I will always love the South!). We are now back in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and feel incredibly privileged to live so close to Camp Courage Headquarters and part of this loving, life-inspiring organization. Oh yes, I really love chocolate and dogs.

Jenny Johnson

Secretary & Facebook Administrator

HI, My name is Jenny Johnson. I'm a proud mother of a Marine and 6 other children. I am truly honored to be on board with Mai and the rest of the ladies with Camp Courage! Great to be such a part of someones dream. It is now my dream to help make Camp Courage the biggest Care Package program yet!!! Ooh-Rah!

Kim Rowbotham

Sponsor A Recruit/Member

Julie King Manwell

Volunteer Coordinator

Deanna Chavez

Lead Volunteer

Hello, my name is Cheryl Altizer and I am the proud mother of a US Marine Veteran. I am the Treasurer for Camp Courage. I have a BS in Accounting and over 25 years of accounting experience. I am honored to be entrusted with the financial wellness of Camp Courage. From Mai's dream to a non-profit with thousands of supporters helping us accomplish our mission, we are on the road to building something awesome! Semper-Fi!

Michelle Stroh

Monthly Cards Volunteer

Meet Our Volunteers

Carol Garcie

Special Cards Campaigns

Hi My name is Kim Rowbotham.  I am a single mom & proud mom of Marine Michael Rowbotham who is my only child!  I am registered nurse for the past 16 yrs. I enjoy spending time with my family & watching my favorite football team, University of Michigan!  I am a very loyal fan!   I am very honored & privileged to be asked to be a part of this group.  I am better person to have just met & know Mai!  She is such an awesome hard working person to have created this group & how it has taken off to 1400 members!!  As being a part of the United States Marine family since Oct. 2012, I can not believe what a great sense of unity of family I have felt from everyone!  What a wonderful feeling!! Semper Fi!!

Hello! I am a board member of Camp Courage. And I do the graphic design and maintain the Camp Courage web site. It is an honor to be a part of such an amazing organization. My son finished his enlistment in the Marine Corps in 2014. He is now working part time and attending school full time. While I really enjoy volunteering for Camp Courage, I do enjoy some of the finer things in life such as cooking, wine, doing computer stuff, gardenting, and being a social media junkie! I will be attempting to complete my goal of hiking a small part of the PCT in Oregon in 8 days! I love the outdoors and push myself into staying physically fit as much as possible. I will use my son's military pack for my hike. I figure if it's good enough for a Marine, it's good enough for a Marine's mom! Semper-fi!!

Our entire board is volunteer based.  No one is compensated for their time or efforts.  We are truly a "grass roots" organization.  Our board members and lead volunteers give so much time to our cause expecting nothing in return.  We are forever grateful for everything they do for Camp Courage!! THANK YOU  for all you do towards the success of Camp Courage!

Jocelyn Castañeda

Lead Volunteer

Hi, my name is Brenda Bjorndal. I am a mother of 2 wonderful young adults. From the time my marine was able to crawl it wasn't a normal was a military crawl. So I knew back then that the military was calling him. My youngest is a lacrosse player so she is always on the field somewhere. I am an area sales manager for a national glass company. In my spare time I love packing the boxes for our military. Giving back in this way is such a warm feeling that just maybe I can have something to do with putting a smile on someone’s face that is putting their life on the line for our freedom.

Brenda Bjorndal

Volunteer Coordinator

I am Carol Garcie lead volunteer for our Special Card Campaigns. I have been married for 36 years and our only child is Nicholas. He graduated from Parris Island in Dec 2011 and is now a Veteran. I am the bookkeeper/office manager for a local timber buying/cutting company. I love being a part of the Camp Courage family and it is an honor to be able to create and maintain all of the virtual and regular card campaigns for birthdays, get wells, encouragement and the ones we never want to do, condolences.

Meet Camp Courage

Hello. My name is Teri Polzin. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mai Christy, Camp Courage Founder, when our sons were in Boot Camp planning the Meet & Greet. I have done a lot of volunteer coordinating in the past so I approached Mai and asked her if I could help out by coordinating the card campaigns for each project. I have been amazed by the Camp Courage members and their willingness to step up whenever there is a need. I am the proud mother of 3 boys (23 & 21 yr old twins). My son Marine Polzin is currently stationed at Camp LeJeune. I am honored to be a part of the Camp Courage Family.

Robin Williford

Facebook Admin. & Birthday Card Program

Hi there, I'm Robin Williford and I LOVE kids, animals and chocolate. I do however; LOVE my FAMILY more! I am truly blessed with an incredible husband, a wonderful group of kids, one of which is our Marine and a precious group of grand babies. I am a Cosmetologist by trade but decided home is where I want to be. I ran my own business out of my home which enabled me to be a stay at home mom. Eventually I was promoted to a stay at home Grandma! YAY ME!!! We recently moved away from all our loves...not so cool, however visiting them all is absolutely one of my most favorite things to do!!! Sure do miss them not being around us every day though. I have to say: I LOVE our CAMP COURAGE FAMILY and couldn't be happier serving our MARINES and now ALL SERVICE MEMBERS. I have a love for making and sending cards so I am truly in my element as I get to send out CC Birthday Card Love to honor our Marines each month! I also have the privilege of being one of the admins of this awesome group. This allows me to interact with all of you even more and that is totally one of my other most favorite things to do! Thank you Camp Courage for allowing me to be part of this wonderful team! Semper Fi!

Mai Christy

President/Founder & Project Manager

Sammy Oesterreich

Graphic Designer & Website Admin.

Cheryl Altizer


Hello I am Michele Stroh and I am your lead Monthly Card volunteer!  When you mail me your cards, I put them all in alphabetical order and have them all filed for packing Saturday!  I was brought into Camp Courage by Kathie Leckey. I was a brand new Marine MoM and completely overwhelmed. I went to my first Oregon Meet and Greet and  was brought right into the love.  My son, Keaton served 2 years as an active Marine and was recently separated. I believe I am meant to be here and to help others and continue to volunteer my time to our Military. I am the mother of 5 kids and married for 26 yrs. To my husband- I have a dog-3 cats and a hedgehog. I love wine and I love spending time with people. I love to make a difference!!   <3

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